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Healing Heart Hackers


Transform your life by joining Healing Heart Hackers, a tribe of women committed to their healing, developing unshakeable self love, & dating smart!

Included in your membership is: 

  • Immediate access to my signature online course, The Empowered Woman Academy, that contains over 30+ trainings on hacking your nervous system, scientifically proven self-healing techniques, integration work to develop confidence & self-love, & educational trainings on recognizing red flags & dating smart! 
  • Monthly hot seat coaching calls on zoom with Alex Scot so that you get customized coaching & your specific questions answered
  • Monthly guest experts on cycle synching, hormones, sexuality, feminine energy, style therapy & more so that you get a holistic healing experience! 
  • A private FB community to connect with likeminded women, submit integration work & catch additional trainings & lives! 
  • Exclusive program offers & discounted rates


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Work 1:1 With Me

Apply to be a private client of mine! This 3-month private coaching program will have you creating healthy conscious relationships with ease! If you're ready to heal for real from your narcissistic or toxic relationships, fall in love with the authentic you, and step into relationship success, The Worthy Woman Accelerator is a perfect fit for you!

This program includes:

  • Access to The Empowered Woman online course with over 35+ hours of materials & trainings on: self-soothing & reprogrammiing your nervous system, self-healing techniques, modalities to develop self love & education on how to date smart!
  • Weekly 1 hour private zoom sessions to work through any wounds, limiting beliefs, & resistances keeping you stuck in your personal growth & love life
  • Mon-Fri private text & voice chat support
  • Access to all masterclasses, workshops, & guest coaching calls conducted while we are working together
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3 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

& The Narcissistic Relationship Cycle

If you've been wondering if you're dating a narcissist then this free web class is for you!

In this series I teach you:

  • The 3 most common signs of a narcissistic partner
  • The predictability of the narcissistic relationship cycle & how to take complete control of it
  • How to start the healing process
  • An exclusive offer code!

You also will gain access to a FaceBook community which includes additional trainings, weekly lives with myself, & support from a group of like minded individuals on the same journey as you!

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