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For the woman who is committed to her growth & eager to learn how to date smart so that she can put a stop to her toxic dating cycles & attract soul aligned love. 

Apply to be a private client of mine! This 3-month private coaching program will have you attracting soulmate love in no time. Heal from your past, discover the authentic you, and step into relationship success!

This program includes:

  • Access to The Empowered Woman online course with over 35+ hours of materials & trainings on: self-soothing & reprogrammiing your nervous system, self-healing techniques, modalities to develop self love & education on how to date smart!
  • Weekly 1 hour private zoom sessions to work through any wounds, limiting beliefs, & resistances keeping you stuck in your personal growth & love life
  • Mon-Fri private text & voice memo support
  • Access to all masterclasses, workshops, & guest coaching calls conducted while we are working together
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The Empowered Woman Academy


Transform your life with The Empowered Woman Accelerator which combines science backed techniques & some spiritual tactics to rewire your nervous system, heal your heart, develop self love & implement badass babe dating skills.

By the end of this program you will be feeling high vibe & confident in who you are, what you want out of your love life & know how to date with confidence!

This program includes over 35+ hours of video trainings on modalities like breath work, tapping, chakra work, masculine & feminine energies, journaling, meditation, and more, to help you transform from the inside out & tap into your highest self!

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Free Video Series
3 Secrets To Healing & Self Love 


Jump into healing & self love by using breath work, inner child healing, & mirror work! 

In this series I teach you to: 

  • Emotionally regulate to calm & control your emotions with breath work
  • Connect with your inner child so you can heal those past wounds
  • Use mirror work to rewire your thought patterns & fall in love with the genuine you!

You also will gain access to a private FaceBook community which includes additional trainings, weekly lives with Alex or guest coaches, & support from a group of like minded individuals on the same journey as you!