"Love is a two-way street that is constantly under construction" - Carroll Bryant


I'm Alex

And I believe we can all create the relationships we desire. It simply takes intentional effort, some self awareness, and the ability to be honest to yourself. I have a passion for helping people navigate through their past traumas and experiences to be able to heal and overcome those patterns in order to produce the love life they dream of! 

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My Story Goes Something Like This:

After a divorce at 23, I was left confused and devastated as to how I ended up there in the first place. No one gets married expecting to get divorced. 9 months after that, I found myself in another toxic relationship 🙄 ...So then I slammed on the brakes and got down to work.


Why did I keep having these awful relationships? Why did I find myself yet again with someone emotionally unavailable, disloyal, and insecure? Where did all the good men go to? Am I doomed to never find true love? 


I went to therapy, A LOT. I read a ton of self help books. I listened to interviews with relationship experts. I DID IT ALL!!! 5 Years later, and I call myself the professional bumble dater (well now I'm off the market 😉). When I started dating again, I was much more stable and confident in who I am as a person, what I'm looking for, and I quit trying to force people into my life and started letting the right people stay in my life. It's a whole different mindset. 


It took me 5 years,  $4k on therapy,  and hundreds of dollars on books to get to the point to where I am today. So I started my coaching business to help women avoid my mistakes, heal from their pasts, and create the relationship of their dream without the time and large money investments that I needed to make. I love my business because I lead with my heart. I care about people, their pain, their experiences, and I care about your goals and dreams. 


All in all, I want to help people. I want the world to know that love is real and it can endure if we take the necessary steps to get there, which means healing our wounds, learning our triggers/patterns, and developing our communication skills. I know the pain of heartbreak ALL TOO WELL, and I was exhausted from it. I am now so much happier, I am more free, I am more independent, I am loving my love life, and I want the same for you. So check out my free guide, and book a coaching session with me; then we can get to work on achieving your relationship goals with my customized 1:1 coaching program! 


Much love,

Alex Scot ❤️

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