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I was raised in a household with narcissistic abuse and religious trauma, which led me to be married at 20 and divorced at 23. I found myself single at the peak of the dating app craze, and after a few toxic relationships found on Bumble and Hinge, I hit my rock bottom — and that’s when the magic happened. I realized that I was the common denominator within all of my relationships, so I asked myself, “What is so broken inside of you that allows you to accept mistreatment?” 

It was then that I started digging and researching during my free time, and that led me to connecting the dots between my adult love life and my childhood. That’s when I learned about how our bodies and brains are designed to keep us “safe” by seeking out what they’re familiar with — even if we logically know it’s bad for us. So, for me, I was gaslit and verbally, emotionally, and mentally abused throughout my childhood, and as a result I was attracting and picking men with the same behaviors. I then jumped into unlearning what I was taught as a kid, emotionally regulating to get my nervous system onboard, and learning new healthy relationship skills in order to attract and maintain the healthy secure relationship that I craved. 

After my success, I now teach women how to have the same transformation using the same tools & techniques I did. I’m passionate about what I do because I know what broken and hopeless feels like, and I don’t feel anyone on this planet deserves to feel that way.  If I can impact the world by teaching people the tools & techniques I’ve implemented to change my own life for the better, then I’m all for it! 

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My 1:1 coaching program, The Soulmate Attraction Accelerator, takes you through 3 phases: heal your past, reconnect with the authentic you, and learn what healthy love looks like & feels like!

My private clients gain access to The Self-Love Lab & the guest coaching calls, weekly 1:1 calls, Voxer support between calls, & a private Google portal for homework assignments & additional resources. 

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Pathway To Partnership is a 10 week course geared towards developing your relationship skills for stable & healthy love


The Self-Love Lab is a 7 week course focused on self healing, discovering the authentic you, and cultivating self-love!

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