I am a certified & trauma informed dating & relationship coach, & I help my clients to heal from their narcissistic & toxic relationships so that they can finally move on, develop unshakeable self-love & confidence, & establish healthy conscious relationships that light their soul on 🔥!

I got to where I am today after making LOADS of mistakes in my love life. I got married at the young age of 20, & divorced at 23, and as timing would have it Bumble & Tinder were the new ways of dating. So thinking I was ready to find Mr. Right, I downloaded Bumble, made a profile & got to swiping. I hopped from toxic situation-ship to toxic situation-ship until I hit my rock bottom, which came after dated a man who finally confided in my that he was diagnosed with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) during court ordered therapy.

Not knowing what NPD was, I got to googling only to discover something terrifying. I had a parent, that checked all the boxes for the diagnostic criteria of NPD too! This is when the magic happened because I immediately had a light bulb moment... 

I was attracted to narcissistic men because the upbringing with my narcissistic parent made me unable to recognize the red flags of NPD since all the toxic behaviors were "normal" to me. 

That was when I took my heartbreak, frustration & hopelessness & turned it into my super power by realizing I was the common denominator in all of my relationships. In order to change my love life, I realized that I needed to look inside myself, heal my childhood wounds, & develop the skills necessary for the healthy loving relationship that I sooo craved.

Fast-forward seven years & I am now teaching other women (and the occasional man) how to do the same -- through healing their hearts, developing unshakeable self-love & confidence, & learning to date smart by recognizing red flags!

My goal with my business is to spread awareness on the reality of narcissistic abuse & to help as many people as possible put a stop to their toxic relationship patterns, so that they can experience the true conscious love they have been searching for. 

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