Alex Scot,


is a certified & trauma informed dating & relationship coach, as well as the founder of two coaching programs — The Soulmate Attraction Accelerator  & The Empowered Woman Academy.

She has a passion for the performing arts, loves baked goods, and has a mild addiction to scented candles. In her work, Alex helps clients heal from their past wounds so that they can create healthy long term romantic relationships. 

After growing up in a verbally, emotionally, & mentally abusive environment, Alex learned as an adult how significantly those past wounds affected her current relationships. She hopped from unhealthy relationship to unhealthy relationship thinking she just simply couldn’t find the right partner, until finally she hit rock bottom.

It was at that point she took her heartbreak, frustration & hopelessness and turned it into her super power by realizing she was the common denominator in all of her relationships. In order to change her life, she realized that she needed to look inward, heal her wounds, & develop the skills necessary for the healthy loving relationship that she craved.

Fast-forward seven years and she is now teaching other women how to do the same -- through healing their hearts, embracing self-love & learning to date smart! Through teaching these skills & self-healing modalities, Alex hopes to improve the lives and relationships of as many people as she possibly can. 

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My private coaching program, The Soulmate Attraction Accelerator, is a 3-month luxury coaching program that takes you through:

  • Healing your heart
  • Reconnecting with the authentic you
  • Discovering your core values for your ideal relationship 
  • How to date smart & attract healthy relationships! 

My private clients gain access to

  • The Self-Love Lab (online course) & the additional guest coaching calls
  • Weekly private 1-hr zoom calls
  • Monday-Friday Voxer support between calls
  • & a private Google portal for homework assignments & additional resources. 
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In this free web class you will:

  • Identify what relationship patterns you gravitate towards 
  • Receive journal prompts to understand why you have those patterns
  • Learn to recognize the most common red flags