I want to live my dream life!
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It’s time to heal your trauma so that you can live a life that you fucking crave.

A life where you wake up grateful to be alive.


Let me guess...

You say to yourself “someday it'll get better.” But then you don't do anything to make that someday come. You just keep doing the same thing on repeat, hoping, wishing, praying that your next horoscope is going to tell you this month is going to be great. And when it does, you have a pep in your step. But then when shit doesn’t go your way, it is everyone else's fault but yours.

But if you would just commit to your own happiness by healing the trauma that's holding you back from the things you want in life, your dreams could become your reality.

Imagine feeling so confident and at peace in your own skin, that you don't need to...

Second guess what you have to say

Second guess a decision you just made

Love and give at the expense of yourself to family, friends, and lovers

Tolerate being taken advantage of in relationships 

Live paycheck to paycheck

And instead you felt...

 Grateful for every minute of your life

 Knowledgeable of how to meet your needs

Always overflowing with a positive mindset and an attitude of gratitude

In control of your emotions instead of being on the Hot Mess Express

That's the life we want to create.
That's me!

A bottom up approach to trauma work that is scientifically proven to allow the nervous system to step into the ways you want to be in order to achieve all the desires of your heart:

The relationship

The career

The joy



The abundance and excitement

The self love and confidence that you've been searching for


Where science and woowoo meet so that you develop the intuition radar that you desire so that you feel stable and secure and the choices you make for yourself. 

Yes please!
 You’ve found out you're a survivor of narcissistic abuse. 


If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. 


I completely understand the pain, frustration, fear, & angst you’re feeling right now. 


You’ve realized that:


 1. You fell for the charm. 

And now you have to deal with the fall out: AKA trauma… woooo!


 2. You’ve lost trust in yourself.

Wondering how you'll ever trust people and yourself again


Girl, I 👏 get 👏 it 👏 

…Wanna know HOW I get it?

I'm ready to be the color of my life!

The path to your happily ever after, is through confronting all of your inner toads first  

This is what we do within Healing Heart Hackers. A tribe of women all collected to focus on healing, falling in love with their authentic selves & creating healthy conscious relationships.  

✨ This program could NOT be any more simple

✨ I have given you the steps to take one by one 

✨ It is simply up to YOU to take them.   

Don’t just take my word for it

I'm ready to heal!

Exclusive Course Portal

You will gain access to my signature online course, The Empowered Woman Academy, which contains hours of video trainings, audio tracks, meditations, & journal prompts to further guide you through the healing process & developing self-worth. You will get your own personal login credentials which guarantee to track your progress so that you can pick up where you left off with ease! 

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

Each month you will get live coaching calls with Alex to answer your specific questions so that you get the most out of this program!

Private Facebook Community 

You don't need to go it alone! The beauty in group coaching containers is 3 fold (at least)! First, you have the support & accountability of your peers, second you get to learn from each other's experiences & stories, AND finally you get to create life-long friendships from the connections you make in this group! 

The FB community is also used for you to submit integration work so that I know you are doing the inner work outside of the weekly sessions & also for you to catch any replay calls! 

Guest Coaching Calls

I am a FIRM believer in holistic healing. It is not good enough to just correct the mind, the body, the heart, or the gut. It MUST be all onboard in order for healing & true transformation to occur & STICK! I will be bringing in monthly guest experts on gut health, cycle synching, stylists, & more so that you get to leave this program set up for success in ALL areas! 

Hacking Your Nervous System

We Will Cover: 

  • Understanding your body & nervous system, so that you can listen to your body & tap into your intuition 
  • Learning self-soothing & emotional regulation techniques to bring your body & nervous system back into a state of peace, rest, & digest so that you can heal from the inside out & feel at peace
  • Building a daily ritual to set yourself up for success & become a better version of you each & everyday 

Healing Your Heart & Mind

We Will Cover: 

  • Several self-healing techniques like inner child work, parts work, chakra work, EMDR tactics, & more, so that you have the ability to select the healing modality best suited for your needs
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind, so that you adopt new mindsets that propel you into your highest self
  • How to let go of the trauma responses that have you self-sabotaging your relationships & dates

Develop Unshakeable Self-Love

We Will Cover: 

  • How to tap into your authentic self & develop solid self-love so that you know your worth so that you stop settling for less within your relationships
  • Discovering your core values so that you know exactly what you need versus want in your life & relationships
  • Embracing confidence as you embody your authentic self in your daily life

Set Yourself Up for Living in Power

We Will Cover: 

  • Developing your dating & relationship skills so that you know what to keep an eye out for while looking for love
  • How to set boundaries, communicate effectively, & spot red flags, so that you can date with confidence & clarity 
  • Knowing how to tell if someone is a good fit for you or not, so that you stop wasting time with people who are not for you


"I was feeling slightly blocked in aspects of my relationship and lacking confidence...and not being my authentic self in my relationship. After coaching with Alex, I feel I am becoming more aware of my limiting beliefs around my own self worth...Alex is so reliable...She made me feel safe during our sessions and was able to help me meander my way through difficult blocks. She is observant, empathetic and such a gorgeous person. If you're considering investing in her coaching program, JUST DO IT "nike" :) "


"Alex was made to coach! She is warm, compassionate, friendly and posses empathy. Coming into the program I was open minded, but unsure as to how it would work or what I would really get out of it. From the very first session, Alex guided me into discovering old wounds and patterns, while creating a safe space for me to process and providing tools to heal and grow into the loving, confident partner and person I am. After struggling for most of my adult life to effectively communicate, especially in emotionally charged moments, with those closest to me, Alex helped me start to heal old trauma and start moving into a more confident and loving way to communicate with my loved ones and more importantly myself. I am forever grateful to Alex and her coaching program! Thank you!"


"Alex provided a safe place for me to be honest and vulnerable. Her program equipped me with knowledge and tools that changed so much in my life. At times when I felt overwhelmed, she simplified the details while validating my feelings, and not dismissing them. She has the willingness and ability to provide guidance without judgement. I am aware, I am happier, I feel like I have been reset and recharged. I am so thankful I had the chance to take her program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

The Breakdown

  • 1 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching call with Alex Scot to get customized coaching & your specific questions answered

  • Immediate access to my signature online course, The Empowered Woman Academy so that you can start healing NOW! This online course has over 30+ trainings on hacking your nervous system with emotional regulation, step by step self-healing techniques, tactics to discover your authentic self & develop self-love, & trainings on healthy relationship skills! 

  • Quarterly guest experts on cycle synching, style therapy, gut health, feminine energy, sexuality, & more so that you get a holistic healing experience! 

  • Private FB community to connect with like minded women, support & encourage one another, & to check out additional trainings! 

  • Exclusive offers on other programs & containers! 

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