A 3 month course for the woman who wants to go from feeling insecure & anxious to feeling worthy, confident & secure while dating & in their relationships.

So that you can experience the intimacy & connection that you've been longing for!

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Does This Sound Like You?
  • Your dating & relationship life is a hot mess. You keep choosing partners who take you granted & you wish you could find a partner who vibes with you & "gets" you!
  • You have a huge heart to give, but are feeling exhausted from the wounds of your past. You're ready to feel whole, confident & sexy again.
  • You feel like dating is confusing & are not sure what you should be looking for while you're looking for love. 
  • You have no idea what a boundary is &. the thought of speaking up for yourself makes your stomach drop.  You WANT to be able to speak up for yourself, set boundaries, & communicate clearly, but have no clue how. 
  • You're tired of feeling like you're "not good enough". You're ready to step into your power, claim your authenticity, & attract healthy long term love.

What People Are Saying...

As Seen In 

Yep that's me, 

married at the age of 20.

Divorced by 23. 

I grew up in a verbally, emotionally, & mentally abusive environment, I learned as an adult how significantly those past wounds affected my current relationships. I hopped from unhealthy relationship to unhealthy relationship thinking I just simply couldn’t find the right partner, until finally I hit rock bottom. It was at that point I took my heartbreak, frustration & hopelessness and turned it into my super power by realizing I was the common denominator in all of my relationships. In order to change my life, I realized I needed to look inward, heal my wounds, discover who I truly was, embrace self-love & develop the skills necessary for the healthy loving relationship that I craved. Fast-forward six years and I'm now teaching other women how to do the same -- through identifying their self-sabotaging patterns, developing their communication skills and discovering their genuine selves! 

I Want To Be Empowered!

Client Love


"I was feeling slightly blocked in aspects of my relationship and lacking confidence...and not being my authentic self in my relationship. After coaching with Alex, I feel I am becoming more aware of my limiting beliefs around my own self worth...Alex is so reliable...She made me feel safe during our sessions and was able to help me meander my way through difficult blocks. She is observant, empathetic and such a gorgeous person. If you're considering investing in her coaching program, JUST DO IT "nike" :) "


"Alex was made to coach! She is warm, compassionate, friendly and posses empathy. Coming into the program I was open minded, but unsure as to how it would work or what I would really get out of it. From the very first session, Alex guided me into discovering old wounds and patterns, while creating a safe space for me to process and providing tools to heal and grow into the loving, confident partner and person I am. After struggling for most of my adult life to effectively communicate, especially in emotionally charged moments, with those closest to me, Alex helped me start to heal old trauma and start moving into a more confident and loving way to communicate with my loved ones and more importantly myself. I am forever grateful to Alex and her coaching program! Thank you!"


"Alex provided a safe place for me to be honest and vulnerable. Her program equipped me with knowledge and tools that changed so much in my life. At times when I felt overwhelmed, she simplified the details while validating my feelings, and not dismissing them. She has the willingness and ability to provide guidance without judgement. I am aware, I am happier, I feel like I have been reset and recharged. I am so thankful I had the chance to take her program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Where You Are Now...

  • You keep settling for less within your relationships and are undervalued because you let your insecurities & people pleasing tendencies run wild 
  • You change who you are depending on your environment which leads you to burn out because you aren’t staying true to yourself
  • You are stuck in analysis paralysis when it comes to dating. You're not sure what to look for, whats ok vs. not ok within relationships, & you don't want. to waste your time with matches who AREN'T for you any more. 
  • You want a healthy secure relationship but don't know what healthy love looks like or feels like
  • You want to control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you when triggered or those old wounds pop up

Where You Will Be After

The Empowered Woman...

  • You will gain confidence, feel sexy, know your worth, and love yourself which allows you to speak up for yourself & receive healthy love!
  • You will know when you need to set boundaries & how to go about setting boundaries to maintain your sense of self
  • You will discover your authenticity & define your core values which will make dating easier & more aligned 
  • You will have the necessary skills to lean on when challenges or conflict arise & feel prepared to handle what comes your way
  • You will know how to self soothe, manage anxieties & insecurities so that you remain conscious & present while dating & in your relationships! 
I Want That!

My Unique

⬇️  3-Step Process ⬇️

Step 1 Emotional Regulation

Without emotional regulation our body & brains will snap back to what it is familiar with. In order to adopt new beliefs, mindsets, skills, and habits we must get the entire nervous system on board. 

Step 2 Heal Your Past

Whether its childhood wounds or past relationship wounds we must heal those in order to gain closer, inner peace, and step into growth. I take you through several self-healing techniques for you to explore and make your own!

Step 3 Develop Self-Love

Fall in love with the authentic you! Love your body for what it does for you, learn to recognize healthy vs unhealthy behaviors in others (and yourself), embrace personal growth by setting boundaries & more when you complete The Self-Love Lab!

Let's Do It!

Exclusive Course Portal

You will gain access to your private online course portal to The Empowered Woman. Your own personal login credentials guarantee to track your progress so that you can pick up where you left off with ease! 

This course includes over 35+ hours of materials, meditations, audio tracks, & downloadables, so that you are supported in ALL the ways as you progress through the course. 

Private FaceBook Community

You don't need to go it alone! The best part of this online course program is the opportunity to meet new like-minded people who can offer support, accountability, and encouragement along your healing & self-love journey! Your support system is so important when. it comes to transforming your love life, so use this community to make connections & develop life long friendships! 

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